Color Crazy Crackle Nails

By now I’m sure you have thoroughly educated yourself on the crackle nail polish trend – my site alone should have provided a great foundation of knowledge – really!

Fingernails with crackle polish designsI’m constantly asked by people [and not always women] how I decided which base color and which crackle nail polish coat to use to achieve the effect on my nails. The answer – some degree of research, some degree of experimenting with different nail designs, and asking people I see when I like a particular crackle nail design [or any nail design for that matter]. I find that using very high contrast colors creates some of the best effects, and I like to rotate the base coat and the crackle nail coat colors as if provides a completely different look [sometimes bad to be honest].


OPI Crackle Nail Polish with Glitter Base Coat for Beautiful Nails

If you haven’t seen or tried this, make it your first experiment with cracked nail polish. Having a base coat of glitter polish that shows through your shattered nail effect is amazing. Often I hear that pure glitter polish is for 10 year olds, and not many teens or adults wear it [at least without looking like a child] – I’m not saying this is my opinion, but what I hear others talking about…and if you want OPI nails, this is one awesome approach to sport that brand name polish.

nails with black crackle and purple glitter polishHowever, glitter nail polish takes on a whole new life with the addition of crackle polish. For example, one nail design I saw the other day had a base coat of purple glitter, with OPI Black Shatter crackle polish on top [I know the brand because I asked, as I liked the design so much!]. Imagine how this looks [I'm working on getting people to agree to have a total stranger take pictures of their nails...not much luck yet].

Note: Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but I tend to buy a lot of nail polish on – no driving around town hoping they have the shade I need at a local store, and I can price shop in seconds. You can find almost all brands of crackle polish including OPI at rock bottom prices – and of course from a trustworthy retailer! Click here to check out the current prices on OPI crackle at Amazon!

With a quality crackle polish like OPI, and a good quality glitter polish underneath, it was an amazing look. The black shattered “cracked” look had large, very random cracks that allowed the purple glitter to shine through and sparkle in contrast. The reason I mention OPI crackle polish (especially the Katy Perry line) above is that you get the best random cracks with a higher quality  polish – or at least that is my experience. When I’ve used some off brand that is half the price the cracks are tiny and my nails can sometimes look like they are simply really badly chipped – not a look i want to go for.

It was way cool – the randomness of the purple glitter showing with surrounding black was a striking contrast indeed.

Crackle Design with Black Nail Polish Base Coat

Ok – this one may not have the pizazz of the glitter [so no sparkles!], but you can create some jaw dropping beautiful nail designs with a black base coat of polish. While I go into the emotions evoked by black polish elsewhere on my site, these don’t really apply here because the black “peeks” through and contrasts with brighter colors – totally different look than solid black nail polish.

At Halloween of course you would do an orange crackle nail  polish with the black polish base coat – a totally hip, maybe a bit scary simple design for your nails.

I like using crackle colors like ruby red nail polish, powder pinks and blues, and a bright green crackle [only a few manufacturers carry this color]. With the black showing through the clean shattered effect of a green it makes me look like a mistress for The Flash [ok, maybe I'm exaggerating slightly - but it is a great party/nightclub combination].

While I haven’t seen a dedicated Chanel Crackle, given the quality and price of Chanel Nail Polish I think it would make an awesome base coat under some of the more popular crackle polishes like OPI or China Glaze!

So some of these crackle nail  polish designs are not ideal for a professional environment – I consider them my party and social colors, but I think if they are applied to nicely groomed nails [i.e. not 4 inches long] I think they will work with formal attire as well – I’m going to try my ruby and black polish  combination with a black pants suit and see what reaction I get….



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