Simple Nail Designs for Beginners

Simple Nail Designs for Beginners

Simple nail designs no longer require a weekly visit to the nail salon and spending $20+ – you can now experiment with nail art at home and create your own beautiful and unique designs!

red nails with watermelon design on one of them



There are tons of options to try that are suitable for beginners and advanced users alike – only very basic equipment is needed in most cases, so what are you waiting for?







Easy Nail Designs – Basic Flower Designs

A good starting point for your nail art is to try a basic flower design. The techniques used to paint your nails in this design will apply to almost all future nail designs.

First, you want to make sure your nails are prepped – filed, no cracks, and you may want to use a good nail conditioner or nail hardener if you are prone to nails cracking or otherwise not being healthy.

After this, pick the colors you want to use – an example would be a light blue nail polish as your base coat, let it dry, and then get started with drawing your flowers. Some very interesting and eye catching simple nail designs consist of only the thumbnail having the design while all other fingers are simply the base coat of color – I would start here to get some experience and see if you like it.

Once the base coat of blue polish is dry, grab a bottle of white and a bottle of bright yellow nail polish. Be sure and shake them good to ensure they are mixed and are ready to use – many nail designs fail because the nail polish has been sitting too long and the ingredients have started to separate.

Next, grab some toothpicks – you can graduate later to specialized nail art brushes, but for now this will work just fine.

Now on your thumb, take a little drop of white polish on the toothpick and put it on your nail  to one side – you don’t want to center the flower as it looks more dramatic if the finished flower design looks like it is extending off your nail.

Then using the toothpick like a brush, create little ovals extending away from the drop to be the leaves – typically women will do about 5-6 little leaves so they almost look like they are blending together towards the center. This sounds harder than it actually is trust me!

Once you have this done, let it dry completely – this is important – if not dry your nail design will look all blended together with mixed colors.

Once the base design color is dry, then take a new toothpick and put a drop of yellow right in the center of your flowers. Then slowly create a circle outline with the yellow polish starting from the center and making gradually larger and larger circles. Once you have the outer edge to where you want it , smooth off any non-straight sections of the circle and then let it dry.

Finishing your Simple Nail Design

One your new flower design is completely dry, you want to be sure and apply a good quality clear topcoat to it for protection. Now you have your first nail design – even beginners to nail art will be happy with these results and now you’ve learned the really easy basic techniques to use for more complicated designs!

Note: Did you know you can get high quality Nicole by OPI polishes from This is a pretty economical way to start branching out in terms of your nail designs and color selection and not spend a fortune – yet be using one of the most popular and high quality brands! You can check out their low prices on these polishes by clicking here!

Simple Nail Art without Painting

Another simple method of creating unique and cool looking nail designs is to use Crackle Nail Polish. This polish is put on top of a base color and then as it dries it creates a shattered effect! This method doesn’t require any painting skills with a toothpick, and depending on the combination of base coat and crackle polish coat can create infinite combinations!

China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish Promotion Picture

You can find more articles on this site around different approaches to using Crackle Polish – all the major brands offer a crack polish line – including OPI Crackle Polish, China Glaze, Maybelline, CoverGirl, and most other brands as well. Be sure and read some of the nail polish reviews to get a sense as to the strengths and weaknesses of each brand – you may have to experiment to see which one works best given your nail conditions and personal chemistry!

One of the best places I’ve found to get the variety of shatter polishes I want to try, without driving all over town, is – they also always seem to carry Katy Perry Black Shatter, which can be hard to find [and is AWESOME to start with if you haven't done crackle before]. You can click here to see amazon’s selection of OPI crackle polishes and of course roam around and look at China Glaze brands as well.


Finally – a very nice, bold fashion statement can be made with a very simple design using Black Nail Polish – however, not everyone can carry this off so you may want to read more about what it takes to wear Black Nail Polish!

OPI has a great new fall 2011 collection that, by themselves, will provide what I consider a simple nail design – a single coat of quality polish with unique colors will make your nails look beautiful!

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